We saved a small business owner from losing everything

We Saved a Small Business owner from Losing Everything

After watching a fire destroy her small storefront business she was shocked to find that her insurance company wasn’t even going to respond to her claim! After her insurance agent completely neglected her, then finally sent a ridiculously small settlement, she was advised by a friend to contact Professional Loss Adjusters. Here is her story in her own words:

April 19, 2021 -Testimonial from a very GRATEFUL Client
I survived a fire, only to get burnt by my Insurance Company!
I am obligated not to speak of the Insurance Company Name or the settlement amount.  I will remain anonymous.
This is my story:
I stood outside my business watching 15 years of hard work vanish before my eyes. The fire destroyed everything! The initial shock kept me immobilized for several days, but as I came to my senses, my question was now what?  I had insurance, but I did not have a clue how to begin the process of a fire claim.
My first stop was to my insurance agent, the one who had sold me my liability policy.  I asked him “What do I do now?”  There was no answer, he simply walked away from me and said Good Luck! I always thought an agent was obligated to handle a claim – apparently not, at least not in my case. That was the last time I ever spoke to him.  I was left to fend for myself. 
I called the insurance company whose name was on the policy.  The insurance representative said that he would check into my coverage, but never got back to me with any information.  He paid me a small amount, but I thought there must be more available. I called him and emailed him over and over again -to no avail.  I was in turmoil, no one was getting back to me and, little did I know, there was a 2-year statute of limitations to file a claim.  In retrospect, I am sure the insurance company was hoping I would miss that crucial date.
Lucky for me a friend told me to hire a public adjuster.  You need to call a public adjuster he told me.  He gave me the name of Len Theran. That was my lucky break!
I can’t say enough about Len, and his team at Professional Loss Adjusters.
Len, got right on the case and filed all the necessary paperwork to beat the statute of limitations. He worked tirelessly on my claim, paying attention to every detail.  He thoroughly reviewed all aspects of my business and proceeded to methodically calculate all that was owed to me based on my insurance policy coverage. He presented these facts to an arbitration panel and then to mediation, and was able to win an extraordinary award that I have now received from the insurance company. It was 17 times more than they originally paid me and much more than I would have thought possible.  This would not have been possible without Len!
I hope no one ever has to experience a loss of this magnitude,or face this kind of denial by an insurance company. However, if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, or if you don t think you are getting what you deserve on your claim, do yourself a favor and call a public adjuster!
When you do call, make sure it is Len Theran -Professional Loss Adjusters!! They are absolutely the best!!
—-A Grateful, Thankful, Client!