Victorian House Fire

Residential Claims

Professional Loss Adjusters helps in every phase of the insurance claim process, as well as expediting payment. We get better results because we:

Claims Process

Perform a thorough review and analysis of your insurance policy to determine what is required to maximize the recovery.

Assist in Making Decisions

Assist you in making the critical decisions that will affect your property as a result of the loss.

Advise you as to how you can maximize the coverage in your insurance policy to enable you to recover as much as possible…as soon as possible.

Inspect Your Property

Make an on-site analysis of the building damage and prepare a detailed inventory and estimate of the cost to reconstruct the property and replace the contents.

Prepare a Detailed Insurance Claim

Attend to the detail work of a property and extra expense claim.

Create a Complete Inventory

Prepare, present and support an itemized claim package to your insurance company.

Claim Settled

Keep you apprised of the status of your claim and seek your approval before the claim is settled.

Expedite Your Claim

Secure the best possible settlement in the shortest time frame.

Our service fee represents a small percentage of the claim settlement. This is offset by a better settlement than you would be able to obtain on your own.

Download Our Free Residential Claim Checklist

What you do in the first hours after a disaster can have a big impact on the size of your insurance claim. This checklist helps you understand the things you should do immediately after suffering a loss to your condo property.
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Residential Claim Success Stories