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Professional Loss Adjusters will do the research, paperwork, and filing for your claim to get you the maximum settlement for your loss.

We work for you, not the insurance company. Let us help.

Here is why you should work with Professional Loss Adjusters, including an informative FAQ.

We have a long history of researching and investigating property damage from the wind, water, and disruption caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters. Insurance companies are often overwhelmed when disasters occur and are unable to fully find and document damage and costs. And when there are many claims from a hurricane, tornado, flood, or other disasters, rushing in and out works for them to keep the settlements low.

We have deep experience and specialized training, as well as very powerful imaging equipment to find damage where it hides, and document the cost.

So you get a much larger amount of money to repair, rebuild, relocate, or find the solution to resolve the crisis and resume your life. We have been doing this for thirty-five years, and have increased claims by as much as fifty-three times the initial insurance company estimate.

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Natural Disaster Success Stories

We have helped hundreds of victims of Natural Disasters recover the full amount of their loss.