Massachusetts Public Loss Adjusters

Massachusetts Public Loss Adjusters

What do Public Adjusters do? As Massachusetts public insurance claim adjusters, we do the work to research, prepare and file your property loss insurance claim. We use our experience and expertise to maximize your settlement for commercial, condominium, rental property, and residential claims, regardless of the cause of your loss – fire, wind, flood, hail, frozen pipes, freeze-ups, ice dams, or natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados. We are professional property loss adjusters, experts in handling all aspects of your claim, including building, contents, extra expense, and business interruption.

You Should Know in Massachusetts:

The best course of action is, first, notify your insurance company of your loss. Immediately after doing this, contact us. We will do all of the work to research, document, and write your claim to get the highest possible settlement. It’s more effective and faster to submit our claim first, rather than having to go back and re-adjust the insurance company’s assessment to get a bigger settlement.

 I hope no one ever has to experience a loss of this magnitude or face this kind of denial by an insurance company. However, if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation or don’t think you are getting what you deserve on your claim, do yourself a favor and call Professional Loss Adjusters!! They are absolutely the best!!
— Small Business Owner, Cambridge, MA
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Success Stories

We don’t feel it is proper to put dollar values on our website. Rest assured that in each of the following cases, we added from $100,000 to several million dollars value to the claim. Contact us for a confidential discussion of what we did and how we can help you.

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Fire Claims

Fires can be started by electrical wiring, lightning, dryer vents, cooking, and a host of other causes. It’s important to remember that with fire comes smoke damage, water damage, and other costly types of repair. Our job is to make sure you get a settlement that covers everything.

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Ice & Snow Claims

Freezing temperatures, high wind, heavy snow, and ice can do costly, extensive damage to structures. Ice dams, collapsed roofs, frozen pipes, and other cold-weather issues can cause both visible and hidden damage. We’ll make sure your settlement covers it all—what you can see, as well as what you can’t.

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Natural Disaster Claims

Tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning strikes, blizzards, and other natural disasters can cause multiple types of property damage. It can be hard to know where to even start when disaster strikes. We will take care of finding and documenting all of the damage so you get the settlement you need to set things right..

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Water & Flood Claims

Water damage is especially difficult to assess without experience, expertise, and the right tools. By knowing where hidden damage my lurk, and by using highly specialized imaging tools we are able to significantly increase the amount of most water and flood damage claims.

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