Public Adjusters Worth Their Weight In Gold

Public Adjusters Are “Worth Their Weight in Gold”

A recent article on confirms that not only can Public Adjusters dramatically increase the amount of your property insurance settlement, they also do the complicated work of researching and filing your claim for you. Public Adjusters understand the science of the process. They also understand the little things that have to be right to ensure the largest claim settlement.

It is great to get 2, 3, 4, or even 5 times the amount initially put forth by your insurance company. It’s also great to have someone who is in your corner, doing the investigation and research, filling out all of the paper work, and submitting the claim for you. And even negotiating if need be.

“The financial interests of insurance companies are best served by convincing policyholders to accept the lowest compensation possible. The financial interests of public adjusters are directly tied to the interests of policyholders to receive full and fair compensation on insurance claims.”
—Tim Cornett, President, Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters

Licensed public claim adjusters who meet professional requirements for ethics and conduct bring the comfort (and the advantage) of a cool head with training and experience in handling the different types of claims that you may face. Your insurance company may assign adjusters for each type of claim: home or building damage, loss of personal property and/or equipment, additional expenses for housing or business continuation, and more.

Smaller, simpler claims don’t usually require a public adjuster, but the larger and more complicated a property loss claim get,, the more crucial it is to have a public adjuster working for you.

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